EDGE AGAIN™ Owner’s Manuals

EDGE AGAIN™ rechargeable powered hand held skate sharpening device

Using EDGE AGAIN™ is simple and easy and with a little practice you can fix a player’s blade just like a NASCAR pit crew on a Sunday afternoon pit stop!!! EDGE AGAIN™ self aligns onto the blade allowing it to fix both inside and outside edges at the same time in seconds. Massage over the damaged edge until EDGE AGAIN™ micro files all 4 sided to restore 2 sharp edges. Green light on EDGE AGAIN™ shows when battery is in good shape, when it turns to orange it still has enough power to sharpen more skates but we recommend charging it back up for more use the next time it’s called on. Tusks last up to 20 pair of skates depending on severity of blade’s trauma. Easy snap in and out technology makes it a breeze to change with your fingertips.

EDGE AGAIN™ Manual Instruction Video

Chris Kontos demonstrates Edge Again at the Penetang Kings JR C practice in his home town of Penetanguishene. Edge Again is being used by many professional and amateur organizations, helping maintain and keep edges sharp. This video shows Tyler Marchand whipping off the ice and getting his edges sharpened during a team skating drill that helps him train at his best. Leaving snow on the blade as a lubricant, the assistant moves the manual Edge Again unit back and forth until he feels the blade trauma has been removed and the original edge is restored.


Becoming familiar with your EDGE AGAIN™

(See Figure 1.)

Before attempting to use your EDGE AGAIN™, take a few minutes to understand its features:

  • On/Off Switch – depressing the raised button on either side switch will turn the motor on.
  • Charging Jack – connect the charger’s plug to this jack.
  • Skate Guide Channel – place the skate blade into this channel to sharpen.
  • Sharpening Insert “DIAMOND TUSK” (replaceable) – this is the abrasive component that is used to sharpen the skate blade.


A switch is located on each side of the unit under the ‘EDGE AGAIN™’ logo. Find the raised area of the switch, and depress firmly with your thumb or fingers. Either switch will start the motor to run the EDGE AGAIN™. Release the pressure from the switch to turn the motor off.


One side of the EDGE AGAIN™ unit has a battery level indicator. The small light will glow green, yellow, orange, or red depending on the level of charge and the current draw from the batteries. Depress either switch to activate the charge level indicator.

GREEN colour indicates a charged battery pack.

YELLOW or ORANGE colour indicates a partially discharged battery.

RED colour indicates the battery pack requires charging. See Charging Procedure.

Check the battery charge level regularly to ensure the unit is fully charged when you need it. The unit can be recharged at any time, regardless of the battery charge level indication. Be sure to charge the unit when the light glows YELLOW, ORANGE or RED. Note: Battery damage may result if the batteries are drained completely.

During charging, the charge level of the battery pack is displayed. The battery is fully charged when the light glows bright GREEN.


The sharpening insert in your EDGE AGAIN™ has been designed to sharpen most hockey skates. However, the blades on goalie skates [and figure skates] are typically wider than standard skates. The EDGE AGAIN™ Model EA1 unit will not sharpen goalie skates [or figure skates].


To repair a damaged edge, place the blade of the skate in the skate guide channel. Hold the skate and the EDGE AGAIN™ unit firmly. Turn the EDGE AGAIN™ on by depressing one of the button switches on the side of the unit. Slide the EDGE AGAIN™ unit back and forth over the blade. (See Figure 2.)

Figure 2
Figure 2

REMEMBER – Be aware that the sharpening insert does the work to repair the damaged edge. Applying excessive pressure does not improve the EDGE AGAIN™ sharpening performance.

Keep the EDGE AGAIN™ unit as parallel as possible to the skate blade. Do not tilt the unit. Ensure that the unit is seated completely against the skate blade. (See Figure 3.)

Figure 3
Figure 3

To repair a long length of a skate blade edge – Follow the directions for restoring a damaged blade while passing the EDGE AGAIN™ over the entire length of the skate blade. Slide the EDGE AGAIN™ back and forth approximately 10 times to restore the edge. If the damage on the edge has not been repaired, repeat the procedure.

To repair a localized section of a skate blade edge – Follow the directions for restoring a damaged blade while sliding the EDGE AGAIN™ over the damaged section of blade. Slide the EDGE AGAIN™ back and forth over the local area approximately 10 times to repair the edge. If the damage on the edge has not been repaired, repeat the procedure.

NOTE – The sharpening insert that does the work to sharpen the edges will wear out with repeated use. For optimum performance, it is recommended to replace the insert after every 30 uses.

The maximum recommended run time for the EDGE AGAIN™ unit is 30 seconds. Allow the unit to cool for at least 1 minute after each use.