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The importance of skating in the game of hockey can’t be understated. Here, Coach-in-Chief Josh Holden explains why everything from a properly fitted skate to maintaining your edges with the Edge Again tool will help you improve your skills!

EDGE AGAIN™ Hand Held Ice Skate Sharpener- Powered/ Electric & Manual Version for all skates

Why to have one and how they work

Introducing the first ever rechargeable powered hand held skate sharpening device. EDGE AGAIN uses a Diamond Coated “Tusk Technology” that is patent pending. This technology has been developed along with MAGNA Closures engineering team to accomplish a quick fix to an edge or edges that have received trauma during a hockey game. The diamond coated tusks micro sharpen the blade’s 4 sides that make up the 2 edges that are on a skate blade. The process does not affect the hollow or the contour of the blade that were created with conventional skate sharpening machines. Extensive testing has proven its viability and trainers/hockey players that have tested EDGE AGAIN, have indicated their desire to own this device.

EDGE AGAIN™ Edge Restoration
Rechargeable Tool Review

Edge Again does it well
We tested this product for over two months. Being skeptical at first we became convinced by product edge restoration claims after two months of continues use.

T-blades and the EDGE AGAIN™ powered hand sharpener

Xtreme Ice Skating freestyler, Jedifarce, shares his views on the T-blade ice skating system and demonstrates the brand new Edge Again powered hand sharpener.

From: JediFarce | March 07, 2010